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For over 25 years, Lance Taylor Hoke was the machine that kept Fite Nite alive. Multiple times in his tenture as the director of the event there were several instances that led people to believe that Fite Nite was an event that was unable to be held on yearly basis. Lance put his heart and soul into the event to ensure that it was something that would be held annually for all to come and experience. 
Lance passed away on December 19, 2014 and it has been the intent of those that had to take it over to ensure the event was held every year. He will be dearly missed. 
A foundation has been set up in his memory to disburse funds to several not-for-profit organizations located throughout San Marcos and Central Texas, namely the Hays County Food Bank.
Fite Nite has proudly been a sponsor of the Hays County Food Bank of San Marcos for a majority of its history. 
The Hays County Food Bank was a charity Lance dearly believed in and that serves the local community. Over the years, several interested parties tried to get the support switched to other charities, much to the dismay of Lance. He believed in the work being done by the charity and refused to switch Fite Nite's annual donation to any other charity. 
For more information on the support the Hays County Food Bank provides to the local community, or to make a donation, please visit the website below or the links to the right.
220 Herndon Street,
San Marcos, Texas 78666
(512) 392-8300
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