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participate in the mayhem / bask in the glory

Registration opens January 1st, 2023.

To register with USA Boxing, please go to 

For more info, please contact:
Austin West (Director)
(361) 935-0764

Fite Nite is officially sanctioned by USA Boxing and the South Texas Amateur Boxing Association and all participants must adhere to the registration process set forth by their guidelines.

FITE NITE is officially sanctioned by South Texas Amateur Boxing Association of USA Boxing. All of those that wish to participate in the event must be registered "athletes" of the association. Please contact the FIGHTER REGISTRATION CHAIRMAN to ensure all aspects of the registration process are easily accomplished. 
Over the years we have partnered with several local boxing gyms to ensure our participants have the necessary training to whoop-some-ass when the lights hit the ring! The gyms and clubs offer "corner-men" to help guide you to victory the night of the event. If you so choose to have your own representatives act as your "corner-men" come event night they have to be registered as "non-athlete" members of USA Boxing. Those not registered as "non-athletes" are not allowed in the figher pit or ring areas. 
The bouts are judged and scored by the SOUTH TEXAS AMATEUR BOXING ASSOCIATION out of San Antonio, Texas. STABA is an independent agency and the event production team has zero influence on the scoring and judging of the bouts. All participants have undergone a rigorous medical examination process to ensure their safety to the fullest extent possible. Please visit their website for more information. 
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